Way of the Warrior Woman Retreat

A weekend retreat for those who want to disconnect from the hectic pace of city life and spend some time reconnecting with our bodies and our spirits. A time to find balance through self-nourishing, mindfulness, body & breath-work and positive mind-set practices. The 2-day programme includes both individual and group sessions and allows women freedom and space to reconnect and recharge.



• Meditation & yoga
• Relaxation & stress release session
• Nutrition & body confidence session
• Individual spa treatment (optional)
• Breath & bodywork session


• Meditation & yoga
• Discover & reconnect session
• Step into your Power
• Integration session

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Indigenous Wisdom Healing Retreat

Coaching Retreat Feel good about yourself

A 5-day healing retreat in Europe facilitated by international healers. The Retreat aims to heal anxiety, stress, pain, hurts and blockages at the physical, mental & emotional levels.

Retreats held at multiple times throughout the year – contact us for more information.

For availability or more information get in touch with us.