Integrated Freedom Therapy

Key Features

In the world of healing and therapy today we are seeing a significant shift in the approach to the understanding of our life’s purpose and journey. Therapeutic approaches to helping people resolve emotional and behavioural patterns have been consistently evolving and approaches that involve years of ongoing therapy or pharmaceutical interventions have been reviewed and replaced in many instances with effective approaches that reach the root-cause of issues more rapidly.

Integrated Freedom Therapy (IFT) is a therapeutic, healing process combining the modalities of Regression Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy, Coaching, Theta Healing, CBT, Inner-child Healing and Compassionate Inquiry. It is a gentle, but powerful process for helping understand, clear and resolve the root-cause of emotional challenges and patterns of behaviour that don’t serve our life goals.

Do you want more balance, new, healthier habits and greater personal power in your life?

At Solas Vida, we take a holistic approach of both working with the presenting symptoms and dealing with the root-cause. As a result, we often see quite rapid transformation in clients, from the instantaneous healing of persistent physical issues to the release of significant unwanted patterns of behaviour.

IFT takes a gentle, unconditional-loving approach to each presenting issue, but with a powerful resolution-orientated direction and force.
To learn more about the powerful techniques used, please visit the FAQ section.

Working with an IFT approach typically involves around 4 sessions of 60-90 minutes in duration. On average, most clients benefit from 4-6 sessions.